Monday, 7 April 2014


The Plastic Bag tax in Northern Ireland is providing wonderful opportunities for school and community groups to improve facilities.  Who would have believed it!
We have been fortunate to receive a grant from NI Environment link to provide a Parent/Child friendly space at the front of our school! Last December we created the initial seating area in front of our school.

We have now extended our outdoor seating area by creating a second area that mirrors the first. Both are linked by trellis for additional planting.

We have also formed a safe barbecue area for use by staff and parents.  This seating was erected around our barbecue area.....

All work has been carried out by the Conservation Volunteers and we have been impressed with the standard of their work, their efficiency and awareness of the need to risk assess and ensure all works are carried out with safety in mind.

Soil and grassy sods have been built up to create added interest areas in the grounds.

Today the Parent/Child friendly space was planted up by Daphne and Yvonne ably assisted by some of the morning children.  They talked about the colours of the pansies, the scents of some herbs and they also closely examined the root system of plants we were planting.

How lucky are we....Granted it was a bit of hassle and time spent applying for the funding but I must say it has been well worth it!  It will be lovely to see the space used by parents and children in the better weather, we have now got a base to use for ECOschools meetings....and most importantly the children will have somewhere safe to sit when we use our barbecue!!!

Now when I go shopping I don't mind paying 5pence for a plastic bag!!!!
It's good to know that the proceeds are used to improve facilities in the community!  

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