Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Woodland School Visits May 2013

Focus:   Trees  /  Climbing  / Taking risk within a controlled environment
We agreed to offer our children the opportunity to do a bit of tree climbing after a session in our school grounds with Dave working on a zipwire.
The use of the zipwire was prompted by reading Julia Robertson's blog - "I'm a Teacher, get me OUTSIDE here."
Dave checks the link is secure

Zoe goes first....  AND THEN

Friday 17th May 2013Our Red Class visit to the Woodland School at Roe Valley Country Park in Limavady 

Our first risk was to find a different way to our destination , Boyle's Wood at Roe Valley Country Park

This month each class of children, staff and parent helpers were joined by Dave.

Dave is one of our NVQ2 students this year and a tree surgeon. He brought his climbing gear, ropes, pulley, helmets etc and showed it all to the children.

 He explained that a helmet is essential to protect our head and talked about how to use their hands or feet to move themselves higher up the tree.

Most of the children wanted to have a go, and Dave's patience was evident as the morning progressed. 

Dave's turn now...

...the children look on....

The look on their faces says it all!!!

THANKS to Louise Parkhill - official photographer on the visit!!!!!

This visit was a real success - Apart from the tree work there was lots of other activities initiated by the children:
  •  creating a badger trap,
  • finding minibeasts,
  •  jumping and climbing
  • moving around in lots of different ways
  • playing hide and seek

We had lots of chat and discussion both on the bus  journey and in the forest.
JoshuaY - "A peaceful day..."
Mark's memorable comment "fields flooded with flowers"about the yellow fields of rapeseed as we drove to the forest.

The evidence we observe of how capable and confident our children can be within a challenging and motivating outdoor environment never ceases....