Monday, 16 September 2013

Settling In Days

Settling  in to nursery is a busy time and for some children it can be a traumatic process.  Our children - all 104 of them - are in school now and most are settling reasonably well.  Many are staying for the full session but inevitably there are some who are not just prepared to let mum or dad go at this early stage.  And that's ok!!!!!
Time is of the essence.  It's not easy starting a new school and coming to terms with the rules and routines of a new environment, meeting new children and new staff and trusting someone other than a parent!  It takes time to become familiar, comfortable and confident in a new environment.  For some children this will be their first time ever away from mum or dad and it's hard to let go.
Currently developing positive relationships are key.  Children need to see us as people with whom mum or dad is comfortable and then their confidence increases.  Children need to discover that it's ok to get messy or wet as we play, move from indoors to outdoors as long as there's an adult there, to feel a wee bit insecure or sad, to have the odd toilet accident and that someone will be nearby to help if needed.
We need to remember that by Friday 13th September each child - who has had no absences - has been in school for a very short time - in total only 14 hours!!!!
Think what a small portion of their lifetime that is.  Think how long it takes us as adults to develop friendships and confidence in new situations.  And we expect children to settle so quickly!

This year settling in takes on a new significance in our nursery school.  Our teacher is on maternity leave and she is now the proud mother of a bouncing baby boy!!!!  We are all delighted for her and wish her and her husband well.  We hope she will enjoy this precious time with her new baby son and that together they will create many wonderful memories to look back on...
Her classes are being taught by a substitute teacher who comes to us with a wealth of experience from teaching in England.  We hope that, like our new children, she will settle in at Kylemore without too much stress!
All members of our team are caring and helpful.  We will be available to offer support and encouragement if required.  She will no doubt introduce new ideas and as a result  promote staff discussion about our rules and routines.  We can learn from each other.  She is already bringing fresh ideas that will help us build on our current practice and continue to do the best we can for each child attending our nursery!

Settling in Policy

q The staff of Kylemore nursery school will work in partnership with parents/carers to settle the child into the nursery environment.  In co-operation with parents the staff help each child to establish stable relationships with other children and with adults outside the family circle.
q Every attempt is made to ensure that the settling in period is a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

q The gradual settling in policy encourages parents to take an active part in the process and they are welcome to stay for as long as necessary – until the child is ready to separate from mum or dad without distress.
q All children begin on the same day.  Two groups of 13 attend each session at first and then the two groups are combined.  This ensures that all children are given an equal start to their nursery school year.
q Gradually the length of time is increased until all children attend the entire session.  From day one the staff encourage the development of self-confidence and self esteem by encouraging independence and self-control
q It will be possible for children to attend visits out of school providing they have been enrolled and attending the nursery school for 6 weeks or more prior to the visit date.  No child who has recently started will participate.  This will be explained to all parents.

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  1. Hope this month goes well for you & really looking forward to seeing your place in person.