Saturday, 12 January 2013

Winter Theme

Monday 7th January 2013
Welcome back to the new term and Happy New Year to all our parents, carers and children.

We hope this  term our children will continue to be curious about the World around us and that we can experience frost, ice and a tiny little bit of snowy weather - but not too much!!

Staff will be talking about winter weather and promoting the children's creativity as they mix blue, white, and grey to make cold colours and discuss why they look cold. There will be a wide range of materials, fabrics, papers in cold colours for collage; any contributions - shiny paper, sweet wrappers, tinfoil or old tinsel are very welcome. The children will have opportunities to plan, invent using junk art resources and make pictures using crayons or oil pastels.

Incidentally as we explore outside the children will investigate and discuss the appearance of frost, how ice has appeared in the water trays and puddles, what it feels like, how hard the sand becomes as a result of the frost, what happens when you put your warm hand on the frosty table, how different it feels to go down the frosty slide....wheee much faster right to the bottom!

We will encourage your child to look at frost patterns on spider webs, glass or leaves and to watch their breath on really cold days.  We will also be feeding the birds in Winter with both wild bird seed and bird
cake that we will make together.  Binoculars will be available outside to observe the species of bird that come to our bird table and we can discuss the types of birds we see, reasons why birds need a little help, what to feed them and how.

It's great to see so many of  the children putting on hats, scarves, coats, gloves independently and we would encourage you to continue this on arrival at nursery each day and at home.  We will be talking about ways of keeping warm – food, heating, clothes in layers for insulation and the suitability of different fabrics for protection against wind, wet and cold.
Indoors this will be followed up daily as we create  ice cubes and a variety of other ice shapes large and small for the Arctic display. Stories and rhymes will also have a wintry theme......

If you would like to get involved perhaps you could encourage and develop the key vocabulary associated with this topic e.g. frost/y, ice, icicle, freeze /freezing, melt/melting, cold, nip, sparkle, crackle, flake, snowflake, crystals, blizzard, thaw and so on.

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