Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Supervalu Best Kept Awards 2012

Tuesday 12th June 2012

Today I was in Enniskillen at an inspirational school caled Jones Memorial Primary School to receive the Supervalu NI Amenity Council Best Kept Pre-Primary School award for our Nursery School.

There are three award categories - Pre-Primary School (3yrs to 5 yrs), Primary School (5yrs to 11 yrs) and Post Primary School (11yrs to 18 yrs). Category winners and runners up are selected in each of the five Education and Library Board areas, and judges visit all schools throughout Northern Ireland who choose to enter the competition.

This is the fourth year we have entered for this award that recognises the work done by schools in relation to Gardening and being eco friendly.
In 2009  and again in 2011 we were runners-up to Ballymoney Nursery School.
In 2010 and this year, 2012 we won the award.
To achieve the award the judges visit the nursery, walk around to view our children's work.  They also talk to staff to discover what we do to raise awareness of  the environment within the school community.
The prize money for winning schools is £300 each, with runners up getting £120.

We are really proud to have won the award for the second time and the money will be added to the Sponsored Cycle funds raised to purchase some Outdoor Musical Instruments for the children.

A special thanks to Graham, our caretaker who helps to weave willow, keep the grounds neat and tidy, brushes up the sand and checks daily for risks.
Thanks also to the NEELB Grounds Maintenance Team who visit regularly to cut grass, trim hedges, create flower beds and will dig in a pond for us over the summer this year.

But a really big thank you to our children who love to learn through REAL tasks and are always eager and keen to get involved!!!!

Grounds Maintenance staff adding Bark to our raised beds....

Everyone helping out!

In Autumn we harvested our cherry tomatoes
and cleaned up around the raised beds.

We also harvested our apples, rhubarb and potatoes, cooked  and ate them  - Delicious!!
All the falling leaves were gathered, put into black bin bags and hidden away to turn into leaf mould that will go back on the garden when it is ready.

In Springtime and we used our trike and trailer to transport the bags of compost to fill our planters then we planted lots of daffodils, tulips and crocus.
We also weed, water, compost and generally care for the plants and also the birds, bugs and minibeasts that we find around the nursery school grounds.

Our vegetables are really growing well this Summer!

We have lettuce, beetroot, chives, cucumber, broad beans, peas and potatoes all growing at present.

Lettuce  onions  broad beans!!