Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Our chicks have hatched!!

We got six eggs on 17th April from Eva's mum and set them in the incubator.   All of the children have been involved in the great countdown hoping the eggs would hatch soon. 

Marking the days off on our Hatching calendar was the first task every day.
There have been pictures drawn and models made.....
We wanted the hatching to take place while we were in nursery......

but it happened over the Bank Holiday weekend!!

And we missed it.....
When staff came into school  today to travel to Mossley Nursery School for an in-service day  there was a clear sound of chicks cheeping away inside the incubator.  When we slid it open 4 of our eggs had hatched!

We were so excited ..... but disappointed too that there were no children in school to see it happen. 

Here they are in their new home, basking under a heat lamp and with enough food and water to last them till morning.

Can't wait to see the children's response.....

Who knows maybe the final two eggs that haven't hatched yet
are holding off till the morning....or the afternoon!

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