Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blue class visit to Finvoy Farm

Tuesday 20th March 2012

We visit a working farm each year. 
Finvoy Farm just outside Ballymoney, is not just a traditional farm - they have lots of additional activities for the children and their parents to do. But before we explore the other activities we check out the animals.

First we went to feed the hens and ducks with some bread....

There were calves and rabbits....

...peacocks and puppies!

We fed lambs and kid goats.

We lunched in a traditional cottage having visited the toilet and washed our hands thoroughly - hygiene being very important after handling the animals.

The children had lots of fun in the sandpit, at the soft play area and using the trucks and tractors in the play park before we went back to nursery.


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  1. What a fab place to go for a trip - looks like everyone had a ball. Would you consider adding this to the outdoor play link up on my blog this week? Just go to this post & click on the 'add link' button at bottom