Friday, 3 February 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Friday 3rd February 2012
Today  in our nursery was so exciting!  We had all been looking forward to Karen from Banyan coming to perform the story of Little Red Cap or as the children know it - Little Red Riding Hood.

When the children came in half of the nursery school had been cleared of all furniture to make way for the show.  Once everyone was seated she began: "Once upon a time - as all good stories begin...."

The puppets were magnificent -

There was a not so scary wolf ...

A granny who loved her cup of tea....

...and a little girl who didn't keep to the path!

The children listened attentively and the expressions on their faces reflected many emotions, happiness, sadness, fear and relief as the story progressed.  The production really fired imaginations as the story unfolded with its atmospheric music to help create the scenes. 

It's good to know that a suitcase, some belts plus a furry scarf and bicycle seat can become a wolf.  A knitted scarf can be a path and granny can be created from lace and a teapot - the possibilities are endless!!
Then there was the woodcutter - who came to save granny and Red Riding Hood to the relief of everyone!

And after the show ended everyone who wanted to had a chance to touch and feel the wolf....

It was a super performance that will hopefully be followed up by lots of chat with mums and dads at home.  Also staff  will capitalise on the memories and photo book become the basis for lots of discussion and creative work in the next few weeks.

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