Saturday, 2 April 2011

Firestation visit

At Kylemore we are extremely fortunate to be able to visit a wide range of places in the locality.  All the children visited the firestation in Portrush on 8th and 9th March.  Many mums and dads came along to share the visit and help staff with the children.  We were made very welcome and shown a special camera the firemen use to discover if there are people inside a burning building.  The children also had an opportunity to see a number of their parents dress in the Fireman's uniform.  Later we went outside and got a chance to use the fire hose.

It was hard work but fun!!!  We even got to soak the mums who were dressed up!!
Then James and his firemen friends showed us how a fire hydrant works and we had to shout stop when the fire engine's tank was full to the top.

When we went back to school we talked about our visit, about the dangers of fire and we created a 3-d sculpture to represent a fire using willow branches,clingfilm and coloured tissue paper.  The activity provided us with opportunities to collaborate and share as we worked.  the base was already there and we removed the previous covering.  It took lots of concentration as we wound the clingfilm around the frame. 
Then we covered it with pva glue, our hands got all sticky... 

Finally we added a layer of tissue paper in fiery colours - red, yellow orange and black - to depict the fire..and some wispy grey bits coming out of the top to represent smoke! A lamp was placed inside to create a fire-like glow.... The children are still talking about this visit and what they saw, it has also made their roleplay at the fireengine outdoors much more real and meaningful to them.
A very successful visit and follow-up!

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