Friday, 1 April 2011

Being Creative

February 2011.
A few weeks ago we used balloons to paint... this was an activity new to the children and one that they really enjoyed exploring.  Some simply pressed or bounced the balloons on the page while others pushed it into the paper with a degree of force, 

At first there was simply the experience and pleasure of using something in a new and innovative way.  The pastel colours were attractive to the children and pleasure was gained from simply exploring.  Then exploration became more focused..children could match the colour of the balloon to the colour of the paint.  It was great fun when the balloon bounced off the table onto the floor!!
A cloth was available to wipe away any spills....and children,  being the hands-on explorers that they are,  it was soon the case that the paint was more exciting than the balloons...  The texture and feeling of the slippery paint moving through their fingers pleased these two girls who spent a long time chatting to each other as they squished and squeezed the paint - creating a new colour as they worked!!

Some children were so busy, the sleeves were ignored as they pitched in fingers first!

while others were much more measured and focused in their creative work.   

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