Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Hi - I am Marian and this is my first attempt to share some of the work we do with the children in our nursery school.
I hope to offer a flavour of some of our special activities and events.

Our nursery school is situated in Coleraine.  We first opened in 1976 and offer part-time places to 52 children each morning and an additional 52 children each afternoon. It is a really busy nursery school where the staff promote active learning and provide opportunities for children to plan their own learning as far as possible.

Our outdoor area is inspiring and always busy - there are aspects of all areas of the pre-school curriculum available outdoors as well as indoors each day.   We offer freeflow play with staff based indoors and outdoors so our children may choose to go outdoors when they wish.  We find that many children settle much better when they have daily access to outdoor activities.

Our latest addition to our outdoor area is this fabulous Pirate boat that is used daily by many children.  It offers a wealth of opportunities for physical development and imaginative play.  The children balance on the edge as they walk along and then jump into the sea! 

Funded by last year's parents and the nursery school the ship is excellent value for money and has encouraged co-operation and lots of sharing of ideas among the children.  Our children have only one complaint - the helm wheel is static and despite all the efforts of the children - "It won't move!"